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About us

About us


We know from experience that organizations place high demands on professionals. Professional knowledge and craftsmanship are competences that organizations can simply demand. For top professionals, however, insight, judgment, integrity and a result-oriented mentality are indispensable characteristics. This creates active entrepreneurship, which in our opinion is the key to successful business operations in the long term.

That is why we search for experienced professionals who can and want to go the extra mile. In addition to the required competencies and qualities, they also bring the mentality to deliver lasting results. Candidates with these qualities are rare, but they exist. And we know how to find them. We also pay attention to the diversity of teams. Only in a team with space for different backgrounds and insights is optimal performance achieved.



Passion for our profession

We have passion for our profession. We are convinced of the strength we derive from close cooperation. That means that we believe in each other’s qualities, both personal and business. Healthy interest and sincere commitment and added passion and ambition: a winning team that successfully collaborates on results in the long term.

Networks and market developments

We are naturally curious. We really want to get to know people and are always looking for new encounters. That is why we network and like to speak to people, even if it is not for a search assignment in particular. Our goal is to know and follow talented individuals, so that we can immediately find them when the right vacancy presents itself.

We continuously monitor and analyse developments in our markets. That is why we are actively involved in relevant events, to share knowledge, to gain knowledge and to develop our professional network. We regularly organize round table meetings and diners with authoritative speakers.

The conversation

Curious also means that we ask critical questions and listen carefully to answers. We want to understand what is really going on and find creative solutions. In our conversations we want to know the person behind the candidate and what drives them. Important, because this is essential for the perfect match and cultural fit with an organization.


We are an independent and compact organization. This guarantees flexibility and speed of action, but also personal involvement and responsibility. And with that the best possible result. It fits our style and we are not satisfied until we reach this goal.

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