Head of Digital Transformation

a global Bank
15-03-2022    2022-00056   

The organization
Collaboration is at the heart of everything our client, a global bank, does. They assure to be a rock-solid and innovative technology driven cooperative bank and need to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing environment. At CITO domain, The global bank works to continuously improve the systems and processes and develop innovative solutions to support optimal service provision to the customers. The customers are able to bank securely, without problems: anytime, anywhere. They wish to respond rapidly to changing customer- and market needs, and want the products to have a short time-to-market. The employees are key to achieve these goals. Therefore the global Bank ensures that employees are engaged, that they can work anywhere and that they are supported with tools and processes which empower them to focus as much as possible on their core tasks.

Growing a better world together
Our client, a global bank, is a financial services provider for more than 8.5 million customers in 40 countries. They aim to contribute to real change with a 'Growing a better world together' mission. They do so in countless ways, such as:

  • share knowledge about sustainable financial solutions. For example, they offer a discount to corporate clients with a sustainable hallmark.
  • with their Foundation they support social enterprises. To give people who experience barriers entering the labour market, the opportunities they deserve and help them to participate fully in our society.

Head of Digital Transformation
Working as Head of Digital Transformation you are responsible for leading, in a mostly virtual setting, the development and continuous improvement of the bank’s global agile way of working, Simplify@Scale, with the aim of increasing transparency on backlogs on different levels of the organization, becoming more in control on run, win & change and thereby accelerating decision making and reducing time-to-market of improved (digital) customer and employee journeys.

The bank needs to stay relevant and competitive in a fast-changing environment. The pace of tech adoption is speeding up, and so are the competitors. The employees need to listen better to the customers and move faster in utilizing new tech. They experience tough competition on each service (often from focused stand-alone services). This competition is accelerated by new tech and regulations. Each of the services needs to be top notch, instant & personal. That’s why the bank is organizing differently around these services. Each service is owned by an autonomous, multi-disciplinary team, a squad.

These Squads are the core of the agile organization. Squads report into Areas and Areas into Tribes. Tribes (Areas and Squads) are organised on products/services and decide `what to build next`. Chapters staff the Tribes and are focused on a specific field of expertise and determine ‘how to build it well’. As a Head of Digital Transformation, you are responsible for helping Tribes (Areas and Squads) and Chapters to create an organization that facilitates autonomy and alignment.
Enabling the bank to be the cooperative financial services provider of the future.

Making a difference

  • Streamlining execution of the digital culture within the bank with a clear strategy, clear roles and responsibilities, uniform processes and one (agile) way of working.
  • Showing inspirational leadership with a strong focus on people management, engagement, team building, personal development, stakeholder management and collaboration.
  • Acting as countervailing partner, coaching first line executives and providing independent and strategic advice to the business reinforcing and stimulating the digital culture within the bank in order to promote the optimal progress of cross-departmental work.
  • Executing an Agile framework, keeping oversight, monitoring and reporting on the progress of both "embed" and the roadmap on "expand" (qualitative and quantitative) and identify important impediments towards stakeholders.
  • Encourage and safeguard a strong risk culture, awareness of risks and everyone's contribution to risk management and protecting the bank’s reputation, acting within the set risk appetite.
  • Representing the bank both internally and externally concerning ‘Accelerating digital delivery’.

As a Head of Digital Transformation, you have a crucial role in the culture change of the bank. You are supported by a team of 8 Change / Project Managers as the driving force behind the transition to an Agile@Scale organisation. By being an objective and independent advisor, challenger and strategic partner to the business and being the first point of contact on all Agile themes, we continuously improve and accelerate the Agile working method ("embed") and support further transition to the Agile way of working within other bank units ("expand"). To take the next step, we are looking for someone who leads the way in making the necessary changes, keeping an overview and help them in this journey.

In addition, the Head of Digital Transformation has a functional line to the stream leads who mainly contribute to the way of working within the units that already work Agile. As well as a functional line towards yet-to-be-appointed quartermasters for units that are going to switch to the agile way of working ("expand"). The Head Digital Transformation also directs the Coaching Chapter, indirectly managing 55 – 60 FTE coaches for Retail NL, HR and W&R.

Your profile
Needless to say you have strengths in complex problem solving, judgement & decision making, agility, strong influencing capability, build productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and an empowering leadership style focussed on the strength of diversity of thought balanced with the ability to be ‘hands on’ when required. In addition, it is important that you recognize everything on the checklist below:

  • academic qualification preferably in a relevant field;
  • proven experience in driving large scale, complex Agile/LEAN transformation across business and technology groups;
  • expert in essence of LEAN/Agile principles and educate best practices and adoption in the transformation journey;
  • a passionate Agile practitioner/coach with strong foundation of banking and software development experience in order to walk the talk and champion the transformation journey;
  • demonstrable experience in complex control and design issues;
  • excellent communication skills. Fluent English and Dutch language capability (both verbally and in writing).

Do you want to become the ideal version of yourself? Our client will help you to achieve this by focusing firmly on your growth, development, and investing in an environment where you keep learning every day. They give you the space to innovate and initiate and offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right thing exceptionally well, and to therefore grow as a professional. 

The procedure
Our client will be guided in this recruitment procedure by Nicole Boevé and Ingrid Reichmann, partners at Partners at Work. They will conduct the first interviews with potential candidates. Subsequently, the best suitable candidates are assigned to the selection committee. Based on this, a few candidates are invited for the sequel. The application process includes a screening and an individual assessment.

“Everyone is different, and it is exactly those differences that helps become an even better bank. That's why our client wants to know who you really are!”

If you are interested in this job, upload your CV and motivation via the button 'SOLLICITEER'.

For more information please contact Nicole Boevé or Ingrid Reichmann by phone 035 – 548 0760 or by email: n.boeve@partnersatwork.nl or i.reichmann@partnersatwork.nl