Lid Raad van Commissarissen

Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen (KIT)
11-06-2021    2021-00109   

In 2021, KIT optimizes for impact on the social developments goals (SDG’s) globally through its applied knowledge work and locally on its campus in Amsterdam. The applied knowledge work implies advisory services, education, training, and through leadership on health, gender, diversity and sustainable economic development. The KIT campus serves as an initiator and host of SDG activities and focusses all its efforts on enhancing knowledge, convening and agenda setting for a sustainable world bridging local issues within the global context. The campus is the place to meet, stay, eat, sleep, be inspired and contribute to an SDG-oriented world. SDG House is an integral part of the campus. It is a leading actor in the SDG Netherlands ecosystem and acts as curator for content created on the campus and as leader of the SDG Houses network in the Netherlands.
The 2021-2024 strategy comprises an undated vision and mission including theory of change, SDGs influenced by our work and projected impact outcomes. With respect to KIT’s knowledge work, one of our priorities is to build a global partnership organization, one comprised of independent but likeminded and strongly connected organizations on all continents, replacing the North-South model of sub-contracting local consultants and partners. Another strategy priority is to leverage KIT’s knowledge to inform policy debates, and gain a reputation as a thought leader and think tank on key areas of our expertise.
For this vacancy in our Supervisory Board, we explicitly seek candidates:

  • with a relevant business network in the Netherlands to supervise en advise us in the further development of our campus concept, knowledge of social entrepreneurship and anchoring KIT further in the sustainability world in the Netherlands.
  • who are willing to use their professional network for KIT.
  • with a broad understanding of the various business services of KIT and the ability to think across their own area of expertise.
  • who endorse the objectives of KIT and who are convinced of the social relevance of our work.
  • with knowledge of the content of SDGs of the United Nations and awareness of developments in this field, specifically knowledge on social entrepreneurship, sustainability, tech, UN SDG’s, and inclusiveness is preferred.

We strive to achieve a balanced composition of the Supervisory Board in terms of expertise, competencies, age, gender and background. In selecting among candidates we will look at criteria such as relevant education, expertise, competencies, age, gender and background. . We encourage young female candidates and candidates with a multi cultural backgrounds to apply.
A member of the Supervisory Board is appointed for a period of five years and eligible for reappointment once. The Supervisory Board convenes at least four times a year or more, if necessary.
The function is non-remunerated.
The procedure
The supervisory board of KIT is guided in this recruitment procedure by Nicole Boevé and Karen Kragt of Partners at Work executive search. They will conduct the first interviews with potential candidates. A pre-employment screening and/or assessment can be part of the selection procedure. You can upload your CV and motivation via our website:
Please contact Nicole Boevé of Karen Kragt for more information; 035 – 548 0760 /