Our strength is presenting a diverse and refreshing palet of talented candidates. Our mission is to enable organisations to include more diversity and complementarity in top management and professional teams. In addition we also look specifically for other aspects of diversity that can add value. Because of this very successful approach, we have twice been honored with the Executive Search Diversity Award.
Partners at Work offer executive search, executive coaching, and team assessments for Boards (executive and non-executive) and top management levels in both the private sector (eg financial and business services and industry) as well as the not- for-profit sectors.

Van der Laan & Co and Partners at Work have joined forces
to double their power going forward

Two of the leading executive search firms who were the first to specialize in diversity, Van der Laan & Co and Partners at Work, have joined forces. Five ambitious women entrepreneurs continue their successful approach connecting leaders as of February 1st under the name Partners at Work.

Our new company is a game changer in our field. With great enthusiasm and total conviction we offer a new perspective in executive search to future faced organizations. We are convinced that leadership combined with diversity and complementarity stimulates innovation and generates better results.

By looking at organizations and people differently, we are able to make unconventional matches.
We search where others don’t search and find where others do not find. Talent that is not standard, but rises far above standard. Over the past 15 years this approach has led to a better balance at the top of our client organizations.

Van der Laan & Co and Partners at Work were the first two executive search firms to be awarded the Best in Class title for our contribution for making diversity and inclusivity the norm for top teams.

The (new) Partners at Work is ready and raring to work together with clients and candidates to start a new era: foward with double power!!

Contact: 035 548 07 60

Karen Kragt, Josephine van der Vossen, Nicole Boevé, Ingrid Reichmann, Nicolette van Helsdingen

Executive search is our vocation

We practice it with great passion, drive and energy. We are curious by nature, we listen closely and ask questions until we are assured that we have understood the essence of what is required.  We translate our clients’ needs and wishes  and advise frankly and  sincerely. We search where others do not and find where others do not.