Nicole Boevé

After graduating from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a master degree in Business Administration, Nicole started as consultant at Cap Gemini where she quickly rose to a management position leading projects in The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. Subsequently she worked  in Poland and then for IT consultancies in Holland. The majority of her clients were in the ICT, retail and automotive sectors.

Nicole’s experience working in complex organisations convinced her early on that diversity in teams contributes to greater success. She has a solid knowledge of and experience in the ICT and HR disciplines, both in corporate environments as well as in smaller companies.

Since 2011 she has been active in executive search, advising clients and extremely successful in fulfilling top executive and non-executive board positions as well as other management roles.

In 2018 she completed the International Directors program at INSEAD. In the following year she was asked to join the INSEAD INBOARD committee in The Netherlands.

Nicole herself was also appointed a non-executive Board member of a not-for-profit organisation