Leaders of the future are now being made!

For more than 10 years Partners at Work has fulfilled diverse placements in executive and non-executive positions of the Dutch public sector and (international) businesses. As organisations are working more and more towards an inclusive and diverse culture on all levels of their enterprises, with our new NowGenLeaders we contribute to your D&I intentions and goals by finding diverse and surprising candidates for management- and senior positions. Talented people who bring added value through their experience, values, gender, cultural background, education and personality. We search and find a complementary mix of existing and new leaders. Our partners are connected with the NowGenLeaders.

  • Leaders who are connected to the new world in which sustainability, innovation and social relevance are part of their lives
  • Leaders who value people & planet & purpose just as high as profit
  • Leaders who have an eye for long-term value creation
  • Leaders who work from a purpose
  • Leaders who are authentic, dare to think differently and take position
  • Leaders who are agile and have an open mindset
  • Inclusive leadership, leaders who appreciate different perspectives

How do the NowGenLeaders make a difference? What can they do for your organization. What role models are there? Partners at Work would like to get in touch with you to exchange ideas, share ambitions and see what the NowGenLeaders can offer your organization.

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Investing in the breeding ground of a new generation of leaders is important for the future of an organization. After all, leaders largely determine the course of the ship.

We are happy to help your organization find the NowGenLeader that is in line with the vision, mission and values ​​of your organization.

Creatief & Onconventioneel

We are creative and unconventional in our search assignments, we look across sectors, challenge and offer healthy countervailing power in our conversations with our clients and candidates. We see that diversely composed teams actually deliver better results for both the organization and society. We stand for the power of diversity. We do this with experience, are recognizable and have guts.

For our successful approach, we were the first leading executive search firm to receive the Executive Search Award from the monitoring committee of Talent to the Top in 2018 and 2019!

We were also listed in the Inclusive30 of MT/Sprout and the Financieel Dagblad referred to us as the “out of the box partners for diversity and inclusive leadership”.

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